World War II Scrapbook

Joyce Valenza and Len Arlen

Your assignment is to create an authentic looking scrapbook in the voice of a person who lived through the Second World War. You will be using either Mixbook or Scrapblog to create your scrapbook.

As you develop your scrapbook, consider the essential questions:
  • How has this individual impacted history?
  • How can we better understand history through the experiences of this individual?

You will need to collect or create:
  • Historical Photographs (5)
  • Actual newsclippings (1)
  • Personal letter based on historical fact (1)
  • Artifacts (1)
  • Biography--a profile of a famous individual you would have met or heard of considering your location
  • Documents (1)
All elements of your scrapbook must be documented and annotated.

You may choose to look at your own character or the important people of the day and place. You may choose any of these
Important People or invent one of your own:
Specify who you are, where you are, what you are doing, and the years you will cover! For instance, "I plan to investigate the life of a sailor on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific from 1942-1944."